Pilates is a gentle form of exercise focused on core stability and re-balancing muscles the body.

Pilates can be beneficial for anyone with back pain, poor posture, low core strength, or just looking for a gentle way to exercise.

In our classes you will focus on using the correct muscles to perform each movement, while re-educating your body to improve and prevent injuries. With a focus on small class sizes, our experienced instructor provides individual attention where needed and ensures that you are not lost in the crowd.

If you have a specific injury or complaint it may be helpful to attend an individual session with a physiotherapist. Please contact us to discuss this.

Current classes are held 10am and 5.30  Monday and 5.30pm Tuesday

Places in our Pilates classes are limited. Contact us today.

It is advised to have an individual  assessment prior to starting the Pilates classes to ascertain the level to exercise at.

Please Note: From April 1st 2019, private health insurances will no longer provide rebates for group Pilates classes.